The Complete Guide to Mod Fashion

The novel ‘Absolute Beginners’, published in 1959, introduced a new wave of dressing described as “smooth crop hair… short Roman jacket, very tailored…no-turn-up narrow trousers” and unknowingly began the mod movement in fashion. And whilst it’s half a century old, it still feels modern and is very much relevant in today’s fashion climate. There are […]

Five staples for a summer capsule wardrobe

When it comes to the British summertime it can already be problematic selecting what to wear with the notoriously changeable weather of the season. Image Credit Add to that existing confusion a mountain of clothes and a disorganised wardrobe, and well, it could be autumn again before you’ve decided on the right outfit for a […]

The six wheeled Tyrell P34

Formula one is the place where many of the innovative features that we have on our cars now are first tried out. Anti-lock and ceramic brakes, turbo engines and traction control all had their infancy and testing on the tracks of the GP world. The drivers are willing testers as any improvement in the amount […]

The Top Advantages Of The Online Registration For The Participants

The days of paper forms and long registration queues to register for an event are gone. A boosting number of event directors from both small and large events are embracing online booking services as an additional-value for both them and participants. Online booking not just perks up efficiencies and eradicates pointless paperwork; it also maximizes […]

The False Statements and the Penalties

The penalty is increased to 5 years imprisonment and 75,000 dollars fine when the forgery concerns a document issued by a public administration whose purpose is to establish a right, an identity, a quality or grant an authorization. The penalty of 7 years imprisonment and 100,000 dollars to the forger of the quality of depositary […]

The Best Hajj Packages 2019 that you have been looking for all this Time

Do you want to take on your holy journey to The House of Allah this year in Zill hajj? Are you worried about the arrangements and looking for some reliable service to take care of all the ordeal of transportation and stay there in Saudi Arabia? If so, don’t worry we have got you covered […]