PayPal is the most famous payment gateway and perhaps also the most problematic, although for some services we consider it the best. You can open a PayPal account with a Panamanian company or other offshore jurisdiction and receive payments in a personal account of the director of the company in the United States. Another gateway that generally accepts offshore companies is 2 Checkout; this gateway limits many activities and makes deductions to guarantee any charge back requests that are released as payments are made and high risk merchant processing compels it.

A new payment gateway that is becoming world famous is Vogue Pay, a payment system born in 2012 in Nigeria and based in London. Nigeria? Yes, at first I was scared too, but the company seems serious, several clients have confirmed that they receive payments regularly and VoguePay has also collaborated in the creation of a cyber-fraud monitoring system developed, in Nigeria, by Interpol.

VoguePay does not apply minimum or maximum limits on transactions and operates with the main credit cards at a rate of 3.8% + 0.50 cents per transaction. To verify a business account, a fee of USD 19.99 must be paid by credit card; the minimum withdrawal is 1500 USD and the fee for money transfers is 1.5% +5 USD / EUR per transaction. High rates, but not excessive considering that there are not many options.

Another recommended payment platform for offshore companies is Klik and Pay , a company that has grown a lot and even acquired a direct rival in this business, Paymill. Klik and Pay is based in Switzerland and has almost two decades of experience. Its payment solutions are adapted according to the business model of each company that hires it; In addition, it also accepts deferred payments (very valuable for online travel agencies). Per transaction they usually charge 1.45% + 0.3 Euros.

This payment gateway has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States, so they have the authorizations of the corresponding local financial authorities, such as Alipay in the Chinese market and all payment methods available in the United States.

What should be done before opening an account on a payment gateway? That is, how to choose the payment gateway that best suits your business.

Have the necessary documentation to open the corporate or personal account.

Have the website ready, with the products and / or services it offers well detailed; the section Who We Are; the Support section: the Terms and Conditions, the Refund Conditions, the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy and, if such, the Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML).

Only once you have everything ready will the payment gateway consider your business. Opening the account first or submitting an incomplete site creates mistrust of the gateway and could give it a negative impression, without the right to reconsideration.

What do we recommend to customers who need a payment gateway? Once you have chosen the payment gateway, do your research carefully based on the license under which they are operating, where they operate, if they respond quickly to emails and phone calls; Go and see the opinions of other users in the forums (obviously not only in the payment gateway, if you have one).

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