When we envision little girls in their favorite types of dresses and gowns it is most often going to be in shades of pink. For whatever reasons, millions of girls love the pale, bold, and even brilliant hues of pink. This is also the reason that a bride will be able to find an overabundance of pink flower girl dresses too.

There are a few things to remember when beginning the search for pink flower girl dresses that will really help in the selection process. While most flower dress are supposed to look similar to a bride, not many brides will wear a pink gown.

Generally this means that when choosing from the many pink girl dresses the bride will have two paths to follow – selecting a dress that is cut and decorated in a way similar to her own bridal gown or selecting a child’s dress that is similar in some way to the rest of the bridal party.

Generally it is the latter route that is followed by the bride looking at pink flower girl dresses, but it is surprising just how many bridal gown features show up in a girl dress too. For example, there are many pink dresses that feature silk ribbons, embroidery, and even overlays that are nearly identical to adult versions.

Of course there are also many fairy tale-style gowns for children with crinolines, tulle skirts, dangling silk ribbons, velour bodices, and more. These are perfectly acceptable for integration with the wedding party, but it is usually a good idea to be sure that there is some sort of complementary or matching color appearing elsewhere in the group. Whether this is a hue or color within the decorations, flowers, cummerbunds of the men in the bridal party, or accents in the women’s’ gowns is irrelevant; it is important only that the young girl’s dress somehow “fit” into the rest of the party.

Many brides now include their flower girls in the selection process in order to be sure that they will be as excited about wearing their wedding day clothes as the rest of the group. This is also a way to be sure that a dress is not too difficult for the child to move around while wearing. For instance, some girls find it uncomfortable to wear or to move about in a fitted skirt while others might be uncomfortable with spaghetti straps.

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