The novel ‘Absolute Beginners’, published in 1959, introduced a new wave of dressing described as “smooth crop hair… short Roman jacket, very tailored…no-turn-up narrow trousers” and unknowingly began the mod movement in fashion. And whilst it’s half a century old, it still feels modern and is very much relevant in today’s fashion climate. There are a few key fashion looks you can use to recreate it today.

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When you think of typical mod fashion, the image of sharp tailoring will most likely come to mind. Whilst the typical mod tailoring look consisted of a three-button front with structured shoulder and slim lapels, using a wider lapel and just a two-button front will help bring mod fashion into 2019. According to The Idle Man, whether you go double- or single-breasted, keep it buttoned up and “Think of it as your mod uniform”.

The Harrington

Simply put, you need a Harrington. The lightweight jacket with a tartan lining is the epitome of mod. The obvious colour choices would be navy or stone, but you can get a range of colours and materials to suit the rest of your mod wardrobe. For a real classic look, pair it with an Oxford shirt, blue jeans with a rolled hem and a pair of desert boots.

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No mod wardrobe is complete without classic knitwear. Whether you choose to go with a knitted polo shirt as a nod to the mod era or keep it simple with a plain sweatshirt, you can pair it with the perfect items to achieve your desired look. If you’re choosing something like the mens Farah sweatshirt, which you can find at, pair it with tailored suit trousers, some light-coloured socks and penny loafers and you’ve got a mod outfit that can take you from day to evening and work to play.

In today’s fashion, it’s still all about the right cut of suit, your collar and how it hangs. Pay attention to the linings of your clothes so they’re making as much of an impact as the outer side. As long as you’re playing with the look but still giving attention to the sharp details of mod fashion and bringing in elements of the original style, then you’re still very much flying the flag for the mod spirit.

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