As banking competition increased in the market it is very difficult for banks to increase their customer base. So they are working on different new strategies. They are introducing new types of loans in the existing one. Now they categorize loan into two different types which you can also find on loan moz website

  • Secured loan
  • Unsecured loan

Secured loan:

In this type of loan, they get something as a guarantee and mostly these guarantees are related to assets. Which they get in guarantee to bank name so if the borrower did not pay them back they can sell these assets and minimize they are lost or in some cases recover their all lose. So in this kind of loan transactions bank is always on the safe side. To get secured loans for bad credit history is not possible.

Nonrecourse Loans:

Nonrecourse credits are where the risk of the borrower to pay the obligation is constrained to the seizure of benefit under security. This implies the loan specialist can catch the advantage and offer it. There are two conceivable outcomes here. One, the moneylender gets adequate cash by pitching to satisfy the equalization of the unpaid obligation. Second, the moneylender does not get adequate cash by selling the benefit. Under nonrecourse advances, the borrower isn’t obligated to pay more in the second condition referenced here. A home loan credit is a verified advance where the benefit under vow is a property.

Vehicle Loans:

Vehicle advances are most regular advances profited by people and organizations. In these credits, the insurance is the vehicle for the advance has been taken.

Home Loans:

Luckily, in for person’s entire life, there comes a circumstance when he intends to purchase a home. We will all concur that it is an expensive issue and spending that measure of cash in one go is troublesome for typical people. Home credit is a decent choice under the verified advances class for getting an advance at lower financing costs. Here, the house is secure. This is viewed as most verified by the loan specialists particularly when the house is purchased for living in it and not for speculation reason. It is on the grounds that any individual might not want to not pay and end up destitute when the house is seized.

Unsecured loan:

Due to more competition in the market bank have to issue these kinds of loans to get profit for their company. In this type of loan option banks did not have anything as guarantee. So there is a very high risk involved on the bank side. But banks have to adopt these new banking options to get a major share of the market.

The loan costs relevant to these distinctive structures may fluctuate contingent upon the bank and the borrower. These could conceivably be managed by law

  • Credit card obligation
  • Personal credits
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Credit offices or credit extensions
  • Corporate securities (might be verified or unbound)
  • Peer-to-peer loaning

So these two categories are the main base of the loan industry. Banks provide the loan to people only in these two categories which will help them to increase their customer base by which they can generate profits for them.

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