You’ve all heard about yogurt. The thick, white, creamy dairy product is made by fermenting milk with live bacterial strains. It is a powerhouse of nutrients containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12, protein, and fatty acids. It is packed with probiotics and hence considered a gut-friendly, health food. Yogurt is also very versatile because it can be used in a variety of delicious smoothies, snacks, sauces, dips, desserts, and meals.

But that’s not all, there are many more interesting facts on Yoghurt and we’ve compiled a list of the ones you must now. Let’s start with the name.

  1. Yoghurt, yogurt or yoghourt – There are several spellings of the word “yogurt” and all are considered acceptable. So, the next time you miss an “h”, remember you are not wrong.
  2. Yogurt is Turkish – Unlike popular belief, the word “Yoghurt” does not have its origins in the Greek language. It is derived from the Turkish word yoğurt which means to intensify” or “to condense”.
  3. Yogurt was discovered by accident – The nomadic tribes stored milk in pouches made of animal skins. They wore these bags around their waist. The microflora and the heat of their bodies fermented the milk, causing it to coagulate. The result was a creamy, dense and tastier substance which they called sour milk.
  4. It is the secret to healthy, supple skin – The creamy yogurt is often combined with ingredients such as turmeric, lemon juice, honey, gram flour, cucumber, oatmeal to make face masks that your skin will love. Lactic acid present in yogurt sloughs off dead skin cells evens the tone, supplies moisture and checks premature aging. It is also used as a conditioner for hair in various cultures.
  5. Greek yogurt doubles up on protein – Greek yogurt has become the much sought-after variety in the last couple of years. It is made by straining the liquid whey off regular yogurt. Greek yogurt has more takers because of its thick, creamy texture and mildly tangy flavor.  It is also the preferred option for its nutrient value – it has double the amount of protein and half the amount of carbohydrates and sodium.
  6. It is good for your gut – Yoghurt contains strains of active bacteria, the probiotics. These are the “good bacteria” that improve gut health and thus aids with digestion. It also relieves problems of gas and bloating. It is told that a French King suffered from a case of severe diarrhea. The Ottoman empire offered an effective solution in yogurt.
  7. It can slim your waistline – Yoghurt can help you shed all your extra fat, especially stomach fat. The calcium present in yogurt inhibits the action of the hormone responsible for converting sugar into fats. Its high-protein content builds muscle. It also keeps you feeling full, so you can control your calorie intake.
  8. It prevents osteoporosis – Yoghurt is an abundant source of calcium making it very good for your bones and teeth. It improves bone density and keeps osteoporosis at bay. If your yogurt is fortified with Vitamin D, it is a double benefit, for it helps absorb the ingested calcium.
  9. The lactose intolerant’s dairy option – People allergic to lactose are advised against consuming dairy products. However, they can eat yogurt because the lactose is converted to lactic acid during fermentation.
  10. Became popular in the 20th century – Yoghurt has been consumed for centuries in the Eastern World. However, it was introduced to the West, not until the early 20th Century.

In addition to all the facts given above, yogurt acts as an immunity booster and reduces the instances of yeast infections in women. It contains all those B-vitamins that keep you energized. It prevents the common cold, has shown to lower blood pressure and also maintains strong teeth. If you’re looking to eat a healthy snack pre and post-workout, you might want to consider including yogurt. And above all, if you have some brass items that have lost their sheen, you can use yogurt to clean them out too!

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