With most of our photos on our phones, computers, and social media, we’ve reached an odd paradox where it’s easier than ever to store and access our photos safely, but it’s also easier to lose them.

We are so reliant on technology that we have taken for granted that what we want and need will always be at our fingertips. However, things can go wrong, and we can lose irreplaceable things.

Backing up all of your photos is vitally important to save and protect them. Here are three reasons you need to back up your pictures promptly.

Your computer can crash without warning

Computers are amazing, and most people would have a hard time getting through the day without one. However, when computers don’t work correctly, get a virus, or experience unexpected problems, they become unreliable and a bit scary.

Years ago, this was called the “blue screen of death”. Everything would be fine then seemingly out of nowhere your computer screen would turn blue, and that was the telltale sign that your computer was toast. Whatever you were working on is gone. Whatever files you had saved are gone. But your smartphone screen doesn’t need to turn blue for it to become “bricked” and useless.

Expect the unexpected

If you aren’t backing up your photos, they are vulnerable to anything that happens to your physical computer or mobile device. Your device could get fried when your child drops a cup of hot chocolate on it. It could be dropped and smashed. It could be on your table when your house catches fire.

These may sound unlikely or extreme, but the point is that your computer is vulnerable to the world around it, and so is everything saved on that computer.

Photos are irreplaceable

Losing anything on your computer can feel devastating, but most of it is replaceable. It might be a hassle to sort through emails and find forms, files, and documents that you have saved on your computer. It might feel overwhelming to have to recreate or retype work you have already completed, but it is manageable.

Photos, however, are captured moments that you can never recreate. If you lose our photos, they are gone forever. Backing them up as soon as they are taken or uploaded ensures they are safely saved in multiple locations. If something were to happen to your computer, you would still be able to access your photos.

Fortunately, there are many options for backing up your photos. You can put them on a flash drive or portable hard drive. These are secure, independent from your computer, and you can always keep them with you at all times. Because they are physical locations, you do not have to worry about them being hacked. However, they can get lost, stolen, or damaged.

Similarly to your computer, they are vulnerable to the physical world. If you do choose these types of backup, make sure they are not stored in the same place as your computer. Going back to the fire example, if your external hard drive is with your computer, and there is a house fire, you are still going to lose your photos.

The other option is remote storage. Cloud picture backups allow you to store your photos remotely via the internet. They’re stored on a separate device that you can easily access, so if something happens to your computer, the cloud is unaffected and photos are still safe. Additionally, they can be accessed from nearly any device as long as you can log in to your cloud storage account, and it’s easy to share them with others or upload them to social media.

So remember to back up your photos. It’s easier than ever before to do it, and you’ll be glad you did.

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