Opening a bar, restaurant or club is different than opening up other establishments, especially if you are planning on selling alcohol. You will not only need a prime location and funding to open, but you will also need a license to legally operate. Having a unique theme can help you stand out among the competition and even find a core of devoted customers.


Some of the most important things you will need to open a bar are the licenses you need to open a business, sell liquor on premise and even to sell food or merchandise. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is one of the agencies you will have to go through to apply for the proper licensing. Luckily, you can find help getting a tabc permit and other licenses through a third-party and make this process easier.


There are many bars in your state and probably quite a few in your local area, so how do you set yourself apart as the best place to be? Having the right theme can really take you places. A good way to find a theme is to haunt social media and see what people in your area are missing. You can even work with local groups to create the right theme to host their weekly meetings. For instance, costume play, or cosplay, is a popular activity among young adults, having a cosplay themed bar can give you a built-in customer base before you open your doors.


Finding the right funding option for your bar is a big indicator for how much you can do with your ideas. When you have a carefully researched and priced out business plan, you are more likely to find financing options in you are area from traditional bank loans with help of the Small Business Administration to angel investors and shareholders.


The right location can make or break your bar. Not only will you need to follow any local regulations for where alcohol can be sold, but you will need to decide whether to rent, buy or build your location. Many of these decisions will have to do with how much your budget is and how much of that budget you want to dedicate to securing your location.

To open your dream bar, you need the right location, funding and theme, but you also need the right licenses. You can find help getting all of these worked out if you know where to look. This can help you take your ideas from the paper to the counter and keep your bar competitive after opening.

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