Technology is marching forward in just about every key area, with adhesives no exception. Industrial adhesive products are opening up new opportunities and capabilities in the manufacturing sector through a continuous process of improvement and enhancement.

The adhesive industry does not generally get the same widespread acclaim for the advances it makes as some other sectors; nonetheless, advances in the capabilities of adhesive products and the role they play in manufacturing are having a significant impact on many businesses and individuals.

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Advances in adhesives

Adhesives – particularly industrial-grade products – have been advancing in all key areas over recent years and have improved in terms of all-important properties. What exactly the improvements are depends on for which purpose a given product is formulated; however, today’s adhesives can be more durable, stronger-bonding, more long-lasting and more resistant to extremes of temperature or to chemical attacks than ever before.

Products across the industry have advanced as a result of the tireless efforts of expert engineers around the world, who have created new formulations in addition to creating entirely new types of adhesive that increase the versatility of the product family as a whole. One of the biggest advances of recent years has been the shift towards structural adhesives, as opposed to more traditional fastening techniques. These offer superior properties in most areas while being more environmentally friendly than many traditional alternatives. These products include all of the different adhesives that you can think of as well as roof sealant which is a specialist product that you can find from places such as

Industries that benefit

A number of industries have benefited from the advances in adhesive production in recent years; in fact, there are too many to list. Some key examples of industries that have significantly gained from the use of newer, superior adhesives in manufacturing include:

Renewable energy sector

Adhesives play an important role in the manufacture of equipment for the production of renewable energy. This is true for a number of the main green energy sources, including solar energy, wind power, tidal electricity and geothermal energy.


Vehicle manufacturers also utilise industrial-quality adhesives. Once again, a move towards green technology is being facilitated by advanced adhesives, with these products opening up new opportunities in the production of electric and hybrid vehicles.


As robotics continue to move from being the technology of the future towards the technology of the present, new ideas and manufacturing principles emerge. Again, new adhesives play a key role in making this possible.

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