With the rise in gun violence and serious incidents like the Parkland shooting, companies all across the nation are starting to raise their voices in the gun control debate. Although many would think the software industry has no dog in the fight with policies and practices, one company is taking a strong stand on gun control. Salesforce is an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) tools that offer a variety of applications for businesses ranging from small to enterprise levels. Even though major sellers like Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods decided on their own to ban gun sales, clients of Salesforce are being forced to comply with a similar restriction that the software company has set in place.

The Nature of the Ban

The current ban on Salesforce customers includes the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, in addition to 3D printed guns. The limitations include a variety of accessories, but rather than focusing on accuracy and training elements like a Glock trigger kit, Salesforce is looking to limit the sale of large delivery magazines and sound or flash suppressors. For those who currently rely on Salesforce software to track customers and their purchases, the changes in policy will be put into effect when their current contracts expire. However, new customers looking to implement the software are subject the conditions.

Corporations are starting to take a more pronounced stand against the gun lobby, but those affiliated with the NRA see the imposed restrictions as discrimination against gun owners and manufacturers. It could cost a business and gun or accessories seller up to a million dollars to change to another software platform rather than comply with the new rules. Much of the movement to restrict gun purchases have come in the wake of e-commerce companies and their decisions to eliminate gun sales through their services.

The gun control battle will continue to be fought on Capitol Hill, but it seems that allies in favor of more restriction can come from even the most unlikely of places. It shows just how much the nation is impacted by the rise in mass shootings and irresponsible behaviors.

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