Sour diesel seeds Canada, essentially a cross between Chemdawg 91 and super skunk were created in the 1990s, this strain is well-known in the cannabis world for its pungent diesel-like aroma. The strain provides the users with a cerebral high and instant energy boost. The sour diesel seeds Canada also provide a powerful psychedelic high and the much-needed euphoria to its consumers, but more often than not, this strain is quite expensive to buy. Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world to grow this strain in your own garden rather than buying it from somewhere.

Low-Stress Training

Sour diesel strain Canada is relatively hard to grow and offer moderate yields. The sour diesel cannabis strains usually stretch during the first month of flowering, which is approximately 10-11weeks later. Therefore, if your growing tent is on the smaller side you may have to employ the LST method for growing cannabis. In this method, marijuana plants are trained without physically cutting them. The shoots of the plant are bent outwards away from the main stem and then tied down with plant ties.

Be sure, of performing the LST method before the plants become late in bloom.

Better Yields Outdoors

This strain when grown indoors fills the room completely within the first month of planting. Therefore, it is advisable to grow sour diesel seeds Canada outdoors, as they typically take up to 11 weeks to flower, but, benefit their breeders from 18 ounces per square meter planted.


The sour diesel seeds Canada have a high nutrient requirement. In particular, these strains require high levels of nitrogen during the vegetative stage. Thus, as a general rule of thumb always try to grow your first set of cannabis plants in the soil as the soil contains a buffer of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients. But, be cautious of using only high-quality soil otherwise you will have to provide extra nutrients to your plant.


For optimal growth, always keep the humidity levels around your sour diesel cannabis strains at around 65-70% during the vegetative state and drop the humidity by 10-15% when the strains start flowering. But, under no circumstance, should the humidity levels increase up to 80%, in such a situation your sour diesel plant will be at an increased risk of bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Alternatively, if the humidity levels drop to 50%, the yield will drastically suffer as the strain’s photosynthetic efficiency will be compromised.


Do not let the temperature around your sour diesel cannabis strains go beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and if such a situation arises reduce the temperatures by using an extractor fan with a filter.

Keep The Pests Away

A pro tip for keeping pests from feasting on your crop is to use natural insecticides such as clove oil, cinnamon and tea, garlic or coriander oil as they are usually pretty effective.

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