A visit to Austria is a delightful experience, but there is so much to see and do you can’t possibly fit it all in on one trip. Your first visit will include the capital, Vienna, but where can you go that’s off the regular tourist trail? Here are a few suggestions for seeing the lesser-visited but amazing forgotten corners of Austria.

Ferlach, Carinthia

Ferlach is a sleepy area in southern Austria in a gorgeous valley chocked full of beautiful waterfalls and scenic vistas. It also happens to be the manufacturing home of the famous Glock 9mm handgun. There is a long-standing tradition of gunsmithing and hunting in the area dating back centuries. Besides all the cute little villages that dot the area, the area is famous for its ziplines in the Tscheppaschlucht Gorge. The cuisine also represents the area’s close neighbors, Slovenia and Italy. There’s nothing quite like seeing these mountains in the summertime.

The Seegrotte, Hinterbrühl

The spelunker in you will love the Seegrotte, a series of picturesque underground canals 196 feet below the surface. Created after a massive flood in 1912 caused a gypsum mine above it to close, this stunning underground lake is a mesmerizing must-see for photography enthusiasts. The best way to enjoy the attraction, which is the largest underground lake in all of Europe, is by the guided boat tours that are offered daily.

The Green Ring Trail, Lech-Zürs am Arlberg

The Austrian Alps provide some of the most incredible hiking in the entire world. The Green Ring Trail is a perfect example. The unbelievable views include mountains, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and even ancient castle ruins waiting to be discovered. It truly is a magical area.


Austria has an incredible amount of natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. There are enough little nooks and corners off the beaten path to keep you coming back for a lifetime of exciting visits.

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