Traditionally, children have been going door to door to fundraising, either for themselves, their schools, or a larger cause.  While these methods significantly help children learn more about the value of hard work, they may not have been the most effective way of actually raising money.  It takes a lot of personal time, both on the part of the child and parent to walk around the neighborhood, go door to door, and ‘sell’ people.  While teaching great marketing skills and sales tactics, with today’s technology, there’s a much more effective way of fundraising with the added benefit of reaching a larger audience.

What is a Child Fundraising Shop?

There are a number of online platforms and even major corporations that inspire online child fundraising.  Not only will these methods help children raise funds for their chosen cause, but they also help inspire an entrepreneurial spirit, while also teaching them about the technologies available to us today.  These platforms are very much like GoFundMe, where parents and children can work together to create a profile and page that outlines the details of their cause, why they want to raise money for this cause, and of course, their goal dollar amount.

Why is Child Fundraising Effective?

Less Time Commitment

Online fundraising is an effective method for adults and children alike.  First off, busy parents no longer have to adjust their schedules around being able to take their kids from door to door asking neighbors for money.  This saves so much time and energy that can be better spent investing in your online campaign.  Parents simply have to help their children set up their page and profile once and every viewer has all of the information they need, without you having to devote one on one time.

Unlimited Audience

Secondly, once the campaign is live online, you have access to an unlimited audience, if you know how to navigate the world of social media marketing.  Parents and children can use their social media accounts to reach friends and family, and even promote their campaign to complete strangers who may donate to the cause.


In addition to giving more access to people who may be interested in helping donate, online fundraising for children is a much safer option than traditional fundraising tactics.  Children can work to manage their own campaign from the comfort of their home and parents don’t have to worry about their interacting with strangers.

Platforms Guarantee Authenticity

Online fundraising offers more security to the donors.  When children would go from door to door collecting money, whether they were selling a product or simply collecting donations, it’s hard for the benefactor to know that the money is truly going to the supposed cause.  This isn’t to say that children and their parents are not trustworthy, but there has been a long history of some people taking ‘honey from the pot’ so to speak.  When doing this through online platforms, there is an added level of security, as there is often a verification process before campaigns go live.

Online fundraising for children is the way of the future.  It gives kids a good sense of how to use technology for good, how to be entrepreneurial and how to manage an online store of sorts.  This is not only great for the cause but helps children learn truly impactful and lifechanging skills.  By giving children more independence and power, and parents less of an obligation, it’s no surprise these methods have been a wild success.

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