If you are a first-timer, it would be an overwhelming moment of your life. We totally understand this situation given the sanctity of the holy mosques. However, in this over flow of emotions one often ends up doing shirk or adapting innovative ideas of the prayers or paying reverence which, honestly, have no basis in the religion. This might make your entire Hajj or Umrah completely null and void. Small acts can literally make your larger service, almost, worthless. Try avoiding all such incidences. For sticking to the basics, read an authentic book regarding the dos and don’ts or the religious rites of the journey.

Learn Basic Arabic Sentences to Survive

Saudi Arabia is a country where hardly people know English or any other foreign language. For your own facility, it would be better if you learn the day to day used Arabic phrases which you think you might need. Also, keep your phone updated with screenshots of such phrases. I am telling you, if you know a little amount of Arabic phrases, it will make the journey really easy for you.

Habituate your body with Constant Hydration

Try drinking more water than you do normally. This will prepare your bladder for more capacity to take water. If your body would have adapted to this, you will need less number of visits to visit the bathroom. Visiting the bathroom again and again is a bit difficult while travelling and continuous praying.

Label Everything

When you will be there, you will always be short of time. It would be difficult to manage everything altogether. Therefore, if you label all your packing with the names of things. Whenever you will need anything, the label on that package will quickly attract your attention. This will save time and you will also be saved from the unnecessary trouble and fatigue.

Things you should not put in your bag

When you will reach the airport, before the luggage is loaded it will checked thoroughly. Things like knives, cameras should not be packed with the luggage. Carrying any knife at all could make things problematic for you. Therefore, do not put any such things in your bag.

Don’t stand in the walkways

When you are spotting a position to spread your prayer mat and pray, make sure it is in the corner. If it will be in the middle, there is a large possibility that you might block the walking passage. This might create chaos or crowding. You might get hurt as well. Instead of getting injured or becoming a trouble for everyone, be wise and helpful in this regard.

Don’t spread litter

This is one of the biggest issues faced in the event as sacred as Hajj or Umrah. People, regardless of the place, throw away the garbage. This sense of irresponsibility throws such a poor impression of your home country. Plus, if you do this, the problems for the hajis increase. For your life make it a rule. Follow the hadith, that cleanliness is half faith. This not only includes your body but also your surroundings. Stick to it in your life generally and this journey specifically.

How to stay in budget?

If you are travelling through VIP Umrah package for family and want to keep the Umrah packages total cost within limits, observing certain rules helps. Enlist things that are necessary and not try to go beyond them. Remember it is not a shopping trip. Therefore, stick to the basic purpose of the journey which is offering supplications.

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