Do you want to experience driving a military-style amphibious automobile? You should take some time off to read this article. The Amphibious Driving involves the driving of an 8-wheeled Argocat around a terrain course, where you can compete against your friends, and family members in steep-slope deep water and through a slippery obstacle course.

Minimum of a Group of 4 People

The Amphibious Driving normally allows a group comprising of a minimum of 4 people at a time. And the competition normally lasts for an hour.

It is important to note that this type of driving is designed for adults only but there is a designated amphibious ride for children and those are only driven by instructors.

What Exactly is an Amphibious Vehicle?

An amphibious vehicle is one that is vehicle both on land and water. The amphibious vehicle could be a truck, busses, cars, boat ATVs and Hovercraft. There are equally amphibious bicycles and motorcycles. You must keep in mind that those landing crafts are not amphibious vehicles because they don’t offer any form of transportation on the land.

There are two different categories of amphibious vehicles, these are the ones that travel on an air cushion (also referred to as Hovercraft), and those that do not travel on an air cushion. The amphibious vehicles that do not travel on air cushions are designed to work only on water and land. These land and water amphibious cars are also designed to transport people on intermediary surfaces like ice, mud, swamps, snow, and marsh. For this reason, many designs of amphibious cars use wheels or tracks and some even combine both.

Some amphibious vehicles can also operate through inflatable floating devices such as the water-proof fabric skirt, that is raised from the top perimeter of the vehicle to increase its water displacement capabilities.

Most amphibious vehicles used for sports and other recreational activities rely on spinning the wheels and tracks while some can power their way forward to optimal limits by using some additional screwed propellers or water jets. Amphibian vehicles are designed to raise themselves out of water when maximum speed is gained, hence they can skim over water surfaces just like speed boats.

What is the Minimum Age for Amphibious Driving?

In most amphibious driving centers in the UK, the minimum age to be part of amphibious driving is 12. The off-road driving age limit is 17. Amphibious Driving will require some agility and strength, hence the need to increase the age limit to 12. There is no maximum age limit when it comes to water and land amphibious activities.

Does the Amphibious Driving Operators Provide Safety Equipment?

Yes! It is mandatory for owners and operators of amphibious driving centers to provide drivers with safety equipment to avoid injuries and possible litigations after an accident. The operators are also mandated to check that all amphibious driving drivers put on these safety gears and devices before embarking on the journey. In most cases, you will be supplied with safety equipment such as; Military-grade Gortex overall, gloves, and helmets, depending on the level of activities you choose.

It is also important that you take extra clothing with you when going for amphibious driving, the reason being that the weather can be unpredictable, hence you should take extra footwear such as socks, and boots with you. Amphibious driving can take place under different conditions if you have to drive through the muds and swamps, for instance, your clothes will become muddy and wet.

Amphibious Driving is characterized by lots of puddle splashing of water, hence those taking part are always advised to wear the appropriate outdoor clothing, trainers, wellies, and boots, but the dress recommendations will only depend on the weather conditions. A change of socks and footwear is also recommended especially after the driving session because of numerous puddle splashing.

What Size of Groups Can Take Part in Amphibious Driving

The number of people that can be admitted into an Amphibious Driving vehicle will largely depend on the size of the vehicle and the type of activities. In most cases, a group of between 2 and 200 people is admitted at a time, at most amphibious driving centers. For dangerous terrains such as muddy waters and swamps, the operator may want to limit the maximum number of people to10 or 20, but for normal water conditions, operators may accept to 200 people at a go. Some amphibious driving center is located on hundreds of acres of farms, thus giving room for several groups to partake in amphibious driving at a go.

It is also important to note that most amphibious driving centers are opened by appointments only, hence you will have to book in advance with your group. Some centers will include buffet lunch or other forms of snacks in your package, you will have to confirm this.

What is the Best Time to Indulge in Amphibious Driving?

Most amphibious driving centers are opened all year round, but it is always advisable to avoid the raining seasons when water levels may rise quickly. Also, it is advisable to avoid amphibious driving in the coldest winter months, except you will drive on ice. It is not advisable to drive inside extremely cold water because it can make you uncomfortable and sick. Most people would normally prefer summer seasons when there are lots of other activities going on.


Amphibious Driving is quite fun, especially when you partake in it with a group of family members or friends. There are amphibious centers who can give you some free training sessions and educate you on how to become a good amphibious driver, but you don’t have to worry about that because it is quite easy to drive an amphibious vehicle. It is important that you buy your safety gears and equipment because you wouldn’t be lucky always to have amphibious driving centers provide you with all the safety equipment all the time. In the UK, there are several amphibious driving centers you should consider but pay attention to extra activities they offer and the conditions through which you have to drive an amphibious vehicle so that you can prepare well enough.

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