If you’re planning a trip overseas but aren’t yet sure which destination to choose from – you’ve come to the right place. This article looks at the top 5 travel hotspots for Brits travelling overseas why they’re so popular and why they may just be added to your list of places to see. So, in no particular order, we have listed some of the most popular holiday and destinations for those in the UK, and we’re starting with the Algarve.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve has been a popular holiday choice for Brits for years, and there are plant of reasons for it. Alongside the gorgeous Portuguese sun and fresh cuisine, the Algarve has over 150 beaches to choose from, meaning that whether you’re looking for a quite cove for some R&R or high waves so that you can get your surf on, you are spoilt for choice. Those who are a sucker for a beautiful view or a late afternoon trek won’t be disappointed either – the Algarve boasts some stunning scenery atop it’s impressive cliff-walks landscapes. What’s more, with the average flight time from the UK to Faro settling at two and a half hours, holiday makers can take advantage of the short flight – particularly if they’re lucky enough to grab one early morning. After all, who doesn’t want as much time in their chosen destination as possible?

Canary Islands

The Canaries are also hugely popular among us Brits. Made up of a number of rugged, volcanic islands ranging in size, the seven main and most visited islands include: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. One of the big pulling points for the Canaries is most certainly the climate – What Brits love about places like Lanzarote and Gran Canaria is that the sun, in high season, offers that beautiful holiday heat we’re all craving, but the winds of the North Atlantic make for a gorgeous and welcome breeze that keeps the balance just right. On a side note, if you are choosing one of these beautifully warm but breezy islands, be sure not to let the refreshing winds fool you – with the temperature being so appealing, it is very easy to get burned, especially in the midday sun. The most popular of the Canaries amongst us Brits, according to visitation stats is, Tenerife: a popular destination for families and keen clubbers alike.

Benidorm, Spain

We can’t have a top five without talking about the charming, and ever-popular Benidorm. Along with ticking all of the boxes: sun, sea, sand, and so on, Benidorm has firmly earned a place in the hearts of UK holiday-goers. Spain, on the whole, is like an old friend when it comes to Brits abroad. We have been holidaying in Spain and around the Med for years and years, and it is yet to disappoint. But what is it about Benidorm that keeps us Brits coming back for more? Well, a recent study showed that a whopping 42.7% of Benidorm tourists have arrived there from the UK – so this Spanish resort must be getting something right. The quirky side of this stat? One holiday booking site in particular recently referenced that 23% of its bookings were a direct result of the popularity of the ITV show of the same name. However, doing a little digging, it is clear that one of the most highly looked forward to aspects of Benidorm for Brits is the nightlife, and that’s one of the things for which it is most famous. From quirky little bars to huge club spots, karaoke booths to quiet seaside eateries, Benidorm caters for one and all. The charm of Benidorm won’t be for everyone – but in terms of the ways in which it wins us over, Spain itself will always come somewhere in the top ten for Brits abroad.


Much like Benidorm, but perhaps in a different way, when we think Ibiza, we think of the bustling nightlife. Ibiza is a hugely popular destination amongst clubbers, DJs and those looking to spend much of their holiday in more of a nocturnal way than many of us would choose to do. But there’s more to Ibiza than the clubs. Whilst the nightlife side of Ibiza may be what has made the island so familiar to is, Ibiza has much to offer everyone from the soul-searching individual to the family getaway. It’s beautiful beaches offer some amazingly scenic places to get away from it all, alongside a landscape just calling out for explorers and hikers alike. What’s more, Ibiza also has tonnes of attractions, from the historical and slower-paced to the high energy of a range of water sports. So, there’s no wonder us Brits keep going back for more.


Mallorca, along with its sister Balearic islands, is still proving to be one of the most popular for Brits overseas. Spanish Islands on the whole tend to take up their places in the list of top holiday hotspots for those travelling form the UK. It goes without saying that this is mostly due to the Med climate, the food, the culture and the attractions on offer. But one of the most appealing tick boxes form places such as Mallorca, the Balearics and Spain in general is the cost of living. Weighed up with places further afield, or perhaps less-visited and more off the beaten track, Span and it’s beautiful islands are among the best value when it comes to getting the most for your Euro. Chances are, this trend is set to continue.

So, if you’re a Brit planning a trip abroad, it’s likely that you will find something that’s perfect for you amongst these top five. However, overall, it looks like Spain and its islands may just tip the balance in their favour when it comes to having a good list of appealing factors for us to choose from.

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