The beauty of the shrimp stew is that, despite its small size, it still contains a large amount of pristinely white meat. Abundant in the Atlantic Ocean region, especially around Greenland, Newfoundland and the Gulf of Maine, snow crabs are usually caught by traps or trawls. Eating snow crab legs can take a long time and be messy, but the taste is well worth it. Snow crab meat is quite tasty, then real crab meat. Its legs are thinner and less impressive than those of royal crabs.

There are two main types of shrimp stew that are sold in American grocery stores. You can buy snow crab legs or royal crab legs. Snow crab legs are sold in groups and maybe even a grouped claw. Royal crab legs are much larger and are sold by individual legs. Snow crab legs are significantly cheaper than those of real crab and best your budget.

Throughout Japan, there are a lot of sushi restaurants and Washout food establishments (traditional Japanese cuisine) that serve crab cuisine, including those located near fish markets and fishing grounds. An example of this is the franchise, whose restaurants offer a wide selection of crab dishes served in an interior that offers a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Then, cut the legs into sections in the joints, insert the scissors into the shell and remove the meat. Although removing crab meat can be cumbersome, there are very convenient tools for this in Japan. One way to further simplify the crabs cut is to remove the meat from the legs with a spoon and fork crab utensil, a tool designed specifically for this purpose. It is also convenient to have a peeler and a crab cookie on hand to break the shell.

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