Indians mindsets have changed a lot in a few years. The country which once preferred mighty and powerful candidate on the basis of their cast and religion now prefer politicians by their level of education.

The mindsets of the people have changes a lot in the past few years.

One such example is Dr. Ajoy Kumar.

Dr. Ajoy holds an MBBS degree from JIPMER, Pondicherry, and an MBA degree from Pondicherry University.

Not only this, but He also served as an IPS in Jamshedpur city. He became so popular during his IPS term that citizens of the city and state admired him as a hero.

He made the city crime free which was once ruled by Goons.

He later quit as an IPS and joined Tata Steel and a few years later joined politics.

People all over the country now prefer politicians like him.

Dr. Ajoy had gained so much popularity in so less time that he is now in the race of being a chief minister.

 He will be soon seen as the chief minister of Jharkhand if he wins the election. He is the best candidate against Raghubar Das in Jharkhand, for further details on this read here

This is the love and generosity of Indian for the educated politician which has brought an IPS officer so far.

Whereas educated politicians not only develop the city and state but also maintain peace and harmony by controlling the crime during their term.

An educated politician is now seen as an emerging demand we hope that the entire country makes a sensible decision this year by choosing the right politician.

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