Diligent and involved business owners are aware that there aren’t enough hours in a day for all the processes of their businesses. Depending on the size and structure of the business, employees across all functions find their time wasted as they perform tasks that are either out of the scope of their job description or archaic manual tasks. This is particularly prevalent along the supply chain, as workers try to achieve hundreds of small, yet specific, functions every day.

In an effort to streamline the efficiency of each individual worker, innovative tech companies like goTRG are infusing cutting-edge technology into the everyday workplace. These third-party companies are integrating automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and robots to streamline workflows, increase accuracy, and reduce costs for their client companies. There are several types of technology that these companies incorporate.

Modular sorting uses data science to manage inventory. These sorters automatically capture product specifications and can label them with QRs or barcodes. Additionally, SKU bots identify items and can pick them and put them away.

Automated guiders and transportation greatly increase the speed and accuracy of the physical shipping process by filling out orders automatically. By being connected in with order management and fulfillment tools, they also update the system as they work, automatically keeping up with inventory. 

Another benefit of AI is predictive maintenance, as all technologies eventually fail or need repairing and replacing. There’s always downtime between the failure and replacement of parts, but machine learning models can predict the average time in between. Additionally, they can predict what technology is going to break and how long it’s going to take to replace it, and accordingly provide a real-time dashboard of what business owners should be buying.

There are, of course, things that can’t be fixed automatically, such as computers. While it’s beneficial to know when something is going to break down, it helps to have a company on demand that can fix broken hardware. That’s why it’s essential to find a company that specializes in computer repair, and better yet, same-day repairs. Downtime, such as breaks and time away from work, is important and can improve productivity, but downtime in technology isn’t beneficial for your company. Accidents happen and technology breaks, but a reputable and reliable repair company can save the day, whether your business needs repairs for phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, etc.

The technology reaches this level of competency thanks to a deep neural network that allows for machine learning. Deep learning technology means that AI can be taught to curate catalogues, be the merchandiser, grade inventory, and differentiate between brand new and open box delivery. Additionally, AI stays updated on the current market conditions and can make pricing decisions accordingly. As businesses use and teach their AI systems, the system becomes more and more adept at handling these supply-chain demands and complements the current business routes and practices.

While detractors may claim that integrating the use of robotics and machinery will take away jobs, the reality is that they assist current employees to get more done, so their time isn’t wasted on tasks below their skill level or even above it. Automation, robotics, and deep learning adds technology that works beside employees and enables them to concentrate on achieving more. These advancements inspire people to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.
What’s more, if businesses don’t start implementing AI, they may soon be outpaced by startups that do and therefore become obsolete. AI researchers are moving this technology ever-forward, and market leaders such as Amazon have used AI and Big Data analysis to change the paradigm for all businesses, large and small.

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