Well, For starters let’s specify what these words mean to the majority people right now.

1. tran·scen·den·tal

of or in relation to a psychic or nonphysical region.
“the transcendental incredible importance of each model’s soul”

only two.
(of an number, electronic. g., e as well as π) real and not a reason for an algebraic situation with rationa

only two. tech·nol·o·gy
use of scientific know-how for functional purposes, specially in sector.
“advances throughout computer technology”
machinery along with equipment designed from use of scientific know-how.
the side branch of knowledge managing engineering or systems.

So to put it briefly, TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY can be spiritual knowledge generally known as scientific know-how for use of spiritual growth evolution/involution as effectively as functional purposes everyday living.

But ahead of we go any additional, and people began to watch out for another web site, we get one ‘error’ a single of each of our definitions earlier mentioned. The this means of ‘transcendental’ contains the word ‘nonphysical’ in it’s explanation.

Here many of us find the ‘error involving sorts’. As much as we are generally concern, there is nothing that may be ‘non-physical’ which could impact people or people it.

As outlined by METAPSYCHICS, your science that will underlies Transcendental Technological innovation, we see that the ‘non-physical’ won’t exist. If a thing is ‘non-physical’ it is not known as well as perceived. It is not sensed as well as felt. There can be no probable ‘connection’ involving you along with ‘It’ in any amount, Psi, Psyche, or Actual physical.

This can be another explanation scientists had a real big problem while using existence of an ‘soul’. With words and phrases being drop around similar to ‘non-physical’ were putting ourselves out of your realm involving reality and in the realm involving fantasy as well as imagination, a product in the mind and body.

And then there exists the subject of precisely what the ‘soul’ can be. But we will handle that throughout another article later. Right this moment, it is critical to identify that everything ‘non-physical’ won’t exist or might not exist correctly cannot always be brought straight into consciousness.

Therefore what on earth is called non-physical, effectively, there actually is not a new word correctly yet, so inside science involving METAPSYCHICS, we call an unacceptable ‘non-physical’ ‘the a lesser amount of concrete matter’ actual physical ‘anti-mater’.

To see why better we will need to look with this from your viewpoint of one’s.

As you already know, Energy is not created as well as destroyed. Many experts have here forever all of which will remain once and for all. Even if were silly ample to explode our total solar technique.

And one end of one’s you have might know about all discover, matter.
Matter is just condensed electricity.

Matter truly ‘breaks up’ straight into finer paticles involving matter and turn ‘MASS’ as well as mental electricity. You employ this energy to make words along with mental photographs.

And ‘MASS’ simply a light weight of one’s ‘breaks down’ straight into Psi Energy a finer grade of one’s than mind or ‘psychic energy’. Psi Energy is definitely the LifeForce in the body along with universe.

To put it briefly, Physical Subject and Muscle size eventually ‘breaks down’ straight into ENERGY.

The contour becomes your FORCE.

Form could be the physical world that you just see plus your body. Force could be the ‘energy’ in the body generally known as ‘Effort’, Thoughts, and ‘Ego’, to name only a few and sooner or later would turn into anti-mater energy a final energy and also the first.

As gentleman becomes ‘enlighten’ they realizes while he perceives of herself as simply a physical body he or she is towards the bottom end involving FORM. The weight in the world can be upon your ex.

But while he takes himself to get MORE than just his mind and body, he will begin to rise like ‘energy’ turning out to be more of an true along with real DRIVE in the life. He or she is energy pertaining to he passes more using life along with life ‘moves’ additional with your ex. He is in such a way ‘lighter’.

We call up the woman or man a the superior end in the energy DRIVE field a new PSI STAYING.

This is definitely the ‘soul’ active memory banks and Lifeforce or genuine nature in the person.

Here gentleman functions because true Controller, Founder, and Composer involving his lifestyle.

The Psi Staying is additional a ‘position’ over and above ‘space along with time’ then a human staying or psychic being.

So as to function as being a PSI STAYING, certain physical exercises and processes have to be understood along with learnt.

Specialized knowledge should be used also pertaining to though nothing is ‘non-physical’, the skilled mind does embark on many ‘invisible realms’ as well as ‘force fields’ that is known and also in place through mind pictures along with these ‘mental pictures’ could drive along with keep somebody, neurotic as well as psychotic the remaining of the life.

All this specific being explained a PSI BEING would wish a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION to discover how to function inside earth along with among the fellow man that could be of profit to himself and also others.

Mankind are able to see a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION as mind or psychic exercises that will raises your ‘energy levels’ involving his total being as a result promoting greater health leading to greater wealth.

The connection between a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION would advance the consumer and also the whole involving mankind at any time in any where, in a bunch or one woman or man at a moment.

It is good for the particular person to ‘pull herself up by his very own bootstraps’ and turn into the man or woman he was used to be and need to be.


Something one does to achieve the good connection between your steps here and after this.

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